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currently closed

ART TRADES (2/2)**
1. :iconkittypurrlin: , on hold
2. :iconimustgetsomuchfatter: , on hold

*-> I keep track of every commission I have, be it private, anonym or not. I do that so my commissioners can check how their commission is going and what their progress is.

**-> Art trades will be done as soon as I have time between or after finished commissions. There are only 2 slots available. Art trades normaly can take 1-4 weeks depending on how busy I am, so please be patient :3 


Since I started doing commissions to cover for the new notebook I have to buy (2000€ / 2115$) for my university I am putting a donation link down in case some of you don't want to commission me but still may want to support me a bit. :3

Don't want to commission me but want to support me?


  • Listening to: Tobidase! Bankikki
  • Reading: commission notes °3°
  • Watching: for honor streams
  • Playing: diablo 3
  • Eating: potato chips, yummy
  • Drinking: soda
  • I will draw kink art and normal stuff
  • Commissions normally cost between 10 - 100 $/€ depending on difficulty, shading type and currency
  • You will see underneath my Da ID or my journals if commissions are open or not
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission without any reason if I don't want to draw it
  • I will post your commission in my gallery
  • If you don't want your commission to be posted I have to charge you 10$/€ extra
  • Should you post your commission anywhere else, even though you wanted it to be private, I will post your commission in my gallery. 
  • After finishing the commission I will name the commissioner underneath my work, if you wish to be anonym, please write it down in your note
  • payment is paypal only so far!
  • I will charge you 5 $ extra, should you not pay in Euroes for paypal to cover the currency exchange
  • Accepting a commission you agree to be patient with me until my part of the work is done. We all know life sometimes takes bad turns. But no worries! I always finish my commission.
  • If for some reason I shouldn't be able to finish your commission, due to personal trouble, I will notify you and send your money back (This case never happened gladly, but you never know)
  • Don't ask for requests. I stopped doing requests a long time ago and if I feel like doing some I will announce it.

You write me a note with the title "COMMISSION"
You write in short sentences what you want from me
You add links to describe your fantasy better or to show your character [expression, size, pose, clothes, food etc.]
You will receive a note from me in which I tell you if I will do it or not
You pay me
You will receive a rough sketch
You tell me if it's okay or if we need to change things.

You pay me the amount we discussed before, [You can always ask me in notes how much your commission would work ofc or look at my commission price list underneath]
after that I will notify you and start doing my work. 
You will get your picture within 3-7 days [depending on the number of commissions I have to do]



  • shit stuffing, piss drinking
  • exploding bodies
  • portrait pictures [of real people]
  • complete realistic backgrounds with a lot of detail
  • extreme realism [I just don't have the time for it >.<]

  • genitals
  • sci-fi 
  • furry
  • sex scenes
  • vore
  • slob
  • sweat

Thanks for taking the time to read through all my shit xD
I hope everything is clear now! 
If you have any questions about my work or commissions feel free to ask me any time :*

Please be patient with me. I am doing this because I like it and I am only doing it as a hobby.
So it's pretty normal that commissions are closed for a long time, since my university work is always my primary concern.


Commission price list by Yukihaara

I wish you a nice day!

Yu~ <3
  • Listening to: taranta - ludovico Einaudi
  • Reading: Aot dj's
  • Watching: D.Gray Man
  • Playing: Tera and GW2
  • Eating: melon
  • Drinking: water


Yukihaara's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
My name is Yukihaara call me Yu ~



[GIFT] Kitty Blubber
A little gift for an Anonymous comissioner since my I made a pretty bad mistake and wanted to appologize for the incovinience with this little gift.
Hope you like it :3

Want to commission me? 
Read my journal  for more information about my price list! :3


Do not repost without my permission!
Are u a good guy? Mention me if u use my art 
[COM] Massive Sukuna [Part 2]
Commission done for Anonymous
I hope you like it c:

Character shown is Sukuna from Touhou

Want to commission me? 
Read my journal  for more information about my price list! :3


Do not repost without my permission!
Are u a good guy? Mention me if u use my art 
20 deviations
Commissions are officially CLOSED now!
I will be finishing the ones I accepted before the 8th of march.
Art trades will be on hold for that time as well!
I will notify you when I am open for business again :3


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I have Tumblr for that, but thanks for the info! :3
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